Artist: Michelle Grann


Artist’s Description:


We are so fortunate to have a wide variety of apples that grow locally.  I love how the taste, color and even the use of apples can vary!  My favorite way to make an apple pie is to combine a variety of apples, some hold their shape while cooking others make a great sauce for the pie! Anyway you make it, it’s a wonderful treat for the senses both taste and smell!


The first thought I had when given the challenge of decorating a Bolton Apple was the beautiful variety of apples we have in this area!  I tried to paint a small sampling showing the different colors, shapes and varieties of apples available.  I also wanted to show the evolution of the apple, the beautiful blossoms.  On the back I painted a large apple cut open to show the seeds, and represent the continuing cycle of the apple.  For me, the variety and the cycle of apples represents humanity, the circle of life and the fact that we are a wide variety of people, all different colors, shapes and personalities, but we are all human beings...together.... melding together in this wonderful pie of life!


I used acrylic for this painting. I have been working with a brighter palette this past year and I’m very pleased with the results.  I work with a variety of mediums when creating my artwork, including; acrylic, watercolor, pastel, colored pencil and oil.



About the Artist:


Michelle began her career after college working as a Fashion Designer.   She then took on a life she loved as a at-home mom and a freelance designer.  Michelle ran her own Interior Design business for a few years.  Now she enjoys sharing her love of art teaching Elementary Art at Berlin Memorial School in Berlin, MA and at an after school Art program at Thayer in Lancaster, MA.   All the while she has continued to paint and create her own art for display, sale and for herself!


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