Artist: Ann Gillespie


Artist’s Description:


“For this piece I was inspired by our area’s farming and crops, and wanted to celebrate those resources. The Bolton apple and the sunflowers and other bright flowers from Applefield Farms (a local farm stand), also signify the transition time of the harvest, when late summer gradually fades into fall. The colors used are very intense and warm, still nostalgic of long summer days.”


About the Artist:


Ann Gillespie has lived with her family in Bolton for the past 18 years. She became interested in art in high school and majored in Studio Art at Hamilton College, in upstate New York. After graduating she began a career in graphic design, and currently maintains a freelance design business. As her children got older she began making time for her own artwork again, beginning in printmaking and then focusing on pastels, now also teaching pastel classes. She is continually captivated by the beauty of local landscapes.


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