Artist: Anne Gaffey


Artist’s Description:


“I paint with intention from a dream, a memory, a conversation, a feeling, an open heart. I use texture, a bright palette, collage and layers of paint to express emotion. I hope to bring light and resilience to the world perhaps through a shared life experience. I invite you to interpret your own story through my work and hopefully connect with 

your soul. My paintings have the power of helping move beyond and reject old stories to embrace new possibilities.


About the Artist:


Artist Anne Gaffey’s work is a joy to behold. Her work has depth, dimension and delight. Each art creation tells an uplifting tale. Gaffey says, “I paint with intention from a dream, a memory, a conversation, a feeling, an open heart. Through my use of color and design I hope to inspire happiness, lightness and uplift your spirit!”


Originally from California, Gaffey lived in Connecticut before moving to the town of Hudson in the Metro West area outside of Boston, in 2015. Here she works in acrylic, oil, oil pastel, encaustic and mosaic. She begins a painting using charcoal, writing positive affirmations or intentions on the service. She then adds texture with different mediums, glazes, papers and an array of thick paint. Her tools include scrapers, dental tools, Popsicle sticks, palette knives, and plastic deli knives and forks. Last year in Sedona she attended a retreat and stayed an extra week to take another class and didn’t have her paints or brushes so she mostly used plastic deli utensils! That was the beginning of the “What The Fork!” Series!


Gaffey started her career twenty-five years ago working mainly with designers and their clients to create custom pieces of art including decorative furniture, beautiful floor cloths and mosaic tables. She has done set design and won 2ndplace in a window design contest at the Williams-Sonoma store at Horton Plaza in San Diego, CA. Gaffey’s style is influenced by the artists and teachers she has studied with over the years such as Niki de Saint Phalle in 1999/2000. Gaffey worked with her on the Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Garden project in Escondido, CA. Niki de Saint Phalle was a French-American sculptor, painter, and filmmaker. She was one of the few women artists widely known for monumental sculpture. Gaffey says her work has also been influenced by abstract artists including de Kooning, Jackson Pollack, Jasper Johns and more recent multi-media artist Raymond Saunders.


Gaffey has exhibited in several shows in Boston and NYC. Anne is a member of the National Association of Woman Artists, NYC & MA Chapters.

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