Artist: Yvette Monstad


Artist’s Description:


When I heard about this apple project, I immediately thought of Idun - the norse goddess of spring, whose symbol is the apple.  Idun appears on the "front" side of the apple.  She was known for providing magic apples to all of the other norse gods and goddesses to keep them young.  On the backside of the apple, I created one of my spiral trees.  It is one of my signature designs (with the heart in the trunk), and suits the spirit of the apple.  Both sides are hand-cut out of steel with a plasma cutter.  They have been coated with a few layers of clear-coat to hinder rusting, but I would recommend coating them again in a year or two if rust is not desired.


About the Artist:


Yvette is a sculpture artist, with a studio in an old barn in Bolton. She works in metal, clay, and any materials that she comes across that inspire us! She loves to make art out of things people are throwing away, giving them a retirement as something beautiful.


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